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Instructions to determine your latitude and longitude: To move around the map, click and hold your cursor while sliding the mouse. To get a more global view, zoom out, place your cursor over the map and scroll using the scroll wheel on the top of your mouse (you can also zoom in by scrolling the opposite direction). Put your mouse cursor near your location and double click. The map display will move so that the selected point is in the center, marked by a red marker, with its latitude and longitude displayed below. To refine the accuracy of your site latitude and longitude, continue to double click and zoom in, or use the Plus sign and map navigation at left. Once you get close you can single click to fine tune the location.

* Latitude:  (-90.00 to 90.00)     * Longitude:  (-180.00 to 180.00)  
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(NOTE: The S'COOL registration process requires human intervention by the team and may take five to ten business days. If you do not get a response in 5 business days, please contact us at