image of fog on James River
Fog over James River

Fog over the James River near its mouth in Hampton Roads, Virginia. There was no fog over the adjacent land area. Photo by Lin Chambers.

image of fog obscuring trees
Fog Obscuring Trees

The ultimate in low-level stratus: a cloud that touches the ground. Very flat light, and uniformly blurred view across field. Photo from Juliet Long School, Gales Ferry, Connecticut. Fog Winner in Jan 2003 S'COOL cloud photo contest.

image of fog seen from top
Fog Seen from Top

The definition of fog is a cloud that touches the ground, so the lower parts of the mountains in this photo are all in a fog. Photo from Peru Central School, Peru, New York. Multilayer Winner in Jan 2003 S'COOL cloud photo contest.

image of fog in a field
Fog in a Field

This is an early-morning ground fog in a field in Newport News, VA. Photo by Carolyn Green.

image of fog lapping against the mountains
Fog lapping against the mountains

Denver/Boulder winter smog cloud washing up like a lake against the mountains. Photo by Dr. Bruce Wielicki, CERES PI, in the late 1970s.

image of fog on school grounds
Fog on school grounds

This is a striking example of dense fog, in this case in the hills and hollows of Parson, WV. Photo by Eileen Poling, S'COOL teacher, in October 2004.