Hole Punch Clouds

image of hole punch cloud
Hole Punch Clouds

Photo taken on Father's Day, 2004, at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, VA.
  • Hole punch clouds on the NASA Earth Observatory
  • The Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website shows what is being called a "hole-punch" cloud on January 12, 2004 over Mobile, AL, USA. S'COOL director Lin Chambers met the Middle School teacher from Mobile whose students spotted and photographed this cloud. If you follow the links on the APOD site you will see a few other reports of these kinds of clouds.
  • Hole Punch Clouds spotted in satellite imagery, as reported by colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Scott Bachmeier in particular). A November 2003 event appears to be the result of an aircraft dissipation trail (distrail) - where water vapor in the exhaust of a plane initiates the formation of ice crystals which then absorb the water droplets in the atmosphere and create the hole.