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S'COOL Roving Cloud Report

After collecting your cloud observations, send them in to the S'COOL program by using the following form!

Printable version of the Ground Observation Form (PDF) that can be used to print a hard copy to record the cloud observations while outside. This file is in PDF, Portable Document Format. Send e-mail to the S'COOL Team if you need any help.

Please provide the below information:


Email address is not required but will allow us to contact you if we have any questions about your observation report, and also to notify you when the satellite data corresponding to your observation are processed.


You can use the Google map below to help find your latitude and longitude. This map does not work well with older web browsers. In that case, please use another source to find your latitude and longitude coordinates. To determine your latitude and longitude: Put your mouse cursor near your location and double click. The map display will move so that the selected point is in the center. Click the plus sign at the upper left side of the map to enlarge the map scale so you can pinpoint your location more accurately. Note: In the continental US your Longitude is negative (which means West Longitude).


Date and Time of Ground Observation :



Are you currently observing daylight saving time?