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Our comprehensive glossary is available to assist in your understanding of the S'COOL lesson plan vocabulary words. Please select the first letter of the word you wish to check for a definition and further information.

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Weather word translations
Active Remote Sensing:
An instrument, for example a radar or lidar, sends out a beam of energy to probe the thing it wants to sense; then measures the amount of energy that is reflected (bounced) back to a detector. In space, active sensors have only been used relatively recently as they involve additional technical challenges.  
The science of production of foods through farming or other means of growing a product for human consumption and use.  
air mass:
a body of air that has relatively uniform temperature and humidity based on the surface characteristics of its source region.   Continental polar air mass formed over Canada
Image courtesy University of Illinois WW2010 Project
air pressure:
the weight of the column of the atmosphere above a surface. On average, the atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013.25 millibars (mb), but it can be relatively higher or lower than this value based on air temperature and humidity. Changes in atmospheric pressure at a given location often indicate changing weather.   More about atmospheric pressure Explanation of atmospheric pressure
Image courtesy University of Illinois WW2010 Project
a measure of reflectivity; the planetary albedo of the Earth averages about 0.31, meaning that on average about 31 percent of the light from the Sun is reflected back to space. The value at any given time is dependent on cloud cover and ground cover (snow, ice).  
the vertical distance or height measured from sea level..  
A mid-level cloud that has individual cloud elements or heaps of cloud..   S'COOL On-line cloud chart Altocumulus during Texas Spring
Image courtesy Mandy Khaiyer
A mid-level cloud that is featureless and formless.   S'COOL On-line cloud chart Altostratus in Southeastern Virginia
Image courtesy S'COOL Project
Instrument used to measure wind speed.   A cup anemometer
Image courtesy NASA
angle bisector:
The line that divides an angle into two equal angles of half the size.   Image of Angle Bisector
the mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth and some other planets. The concentrations of the gaseous constituents of Earth's at mosphere are determined by biogeochemical processes, including manmade effects..   Image of the top layers of the earth's atmosphere leading to space
Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory,NASA Johnson Space Center