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Our comprehensive glossary is available to assist in your understanding of the S'COOL lesson plan vocabulary words. Please select the first letter of the word you wish to check for a definition and further information.

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Weather word translations
bar graph:
a style of graph that uses a verticle or horizontal rectangle to represent a certain set of data that is being shown on the plot.  
an instrument that measures air pressure.   Barometer Basics photo of barometer
Beaufort Wind Scale:
Named after Sir Francis Beaufort and established in 1806, the Beaufort Wind Scale initially classified wind speed into 13 classes (zero to 12) based on mariner conditions. Later in history the scale was slightly altered to improve usefulness for meteorologists. Today we can relate the Beaufort Wind Scale to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (category 1 on the Hurricane scale is equivalent to a 12 on the Beaufort scale)..   NOAA table for Beaufort Wind Scale
a severe storm with defining characteristics of very low temperatures, severe winds, as well as large amounts of blowing snow in the area of the storm.