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Our comprehensive glossary is available to assist in your understanding of the S'COOL lesson plan vocabulary words. Please select the first letter of the word you wish to check for a definition and further information.

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Weather word translations
electrical charge:
the characteristic of matter that is responsible for electric forces, expressed as positive or negative.  
energy budget:
The Earth's energy budget describes the various kinds and amounts of energy that enter and leave the Earth system. It includes both radiative components (light and heat), that can be measured by CERES, and other components like conduction, convection, and evaporation which also transport heat from Earth's surface. On average, and over the long term, there is a balance at the top of the atmosphere. The amount of energy coming in (from the Sun) is the same as the amount going out (from reflection of sunlight and from emission of heat).   Earth's Energy Budget Graphic Earth Radiation Budget Illustration
entry bar:
Location in a web browser where the url is entered so that a web page can be accessed.  
the process where liquid water is converted to water vapor (gaseous state). The air above the evaporating surface must be unsaturated for evaporation to occur (relative humidity less than 100 percent).   Photo of evaporation
Image courtesy NASA