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Our comprehensive glossary is available to assist in your understanding of the S'COOL lesson plan vocabulary words. Please select the first letter of the word you wish to check for a definition and further information.

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Weather word translations
something that has repeatedly been shown to be true and that can be recreated.  
A scale for the measurement of temperature named after Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, a German physicist who invented the mercury thermometer and this scale. Water freezes at 32 degrees F and boils at 212 degrees F.   Temperature conversion tool Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales
Image courtesy NASAexplores
literary work that is based on ones imagination. These works may have truthful elements, but the vast majority of the book is not based on fact.  
1. the location in a web page or spread sheet in which the user must place certain information. 2. a plot of land that is void of trees and other tall objects, often used to plant a crop. (i.e. the students made cloud observations from the edge of the corn field.) 3. An area in which a person has a large quantity of knowledge. (i.e. Dr. Smiths field of experience is geology).  
A visible gathering of water droplets suspended in the air near the Earth's surface.   Fog Image
Image courtesy Kate (age 9) of St. James School in Falls Church, Virginia
folk lore:
stories that are often not written down on paper for others to read for reference. This is something that is told through stories or passed down in the form of pictures that relate to a particular culture.  
making a prediction before something is to happen. For example, in meteorology a model is used to predict what the weather will be like at a certain time and location.  
(a) a plan or method, written in words or symbols, that describes a procedure for doing something. An example is using K = C + 273 to convert from Kelvin temperature to Celsius temperature; (b) grouping of certain items that, when combined, form a new substance. An example is combining two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom to form a water molecule..  
frequency distribution:
an arrangement of data in a graphical form that allows someone to see how often a certain event happened.  
the boundary between two distinct air masses which differ in temperature and humidity. There are different types of fronts such as cold front, warm front, stationary front, and occluded front..  
tiny ice crystals that form when water vapor freezes onto an object (ground, grass, window).