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Our comprehensive glossary is available to assist in your understanding of the S'COOL lesson plan vocabulary words. Please select the first letter of the word you wish to check for a definition and further information.

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Weather word translations
a relative degree of heat, usually measured on a scale such as the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. Temperature Conversion Tool.  
thematic map:
A chart or map that relates a specific theme to a geographical area.  
to take a guess at causes or reasons.  
an instrument for measuring temperature.   thermometer
the loud noise, usually heard when a thunderstorm is hearby, that is a result of electricity (lightning) disturbing the air.  
a storm in which a large amount of thunder and lightning is present.   Lightning strikes the launchpad of Space Shuttle Challenger during thunderstorm
Image courtesy Sam Walton
a rotating column of air usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud.   NOAA Tornado Guide
tornado warning:
a tornado warning is an alert issued by government weather services to warn an area that a tornado may be imminent. It can be issued after either a tornado or funnel cloud has already been spotted, or if radar indicates that a tornado may be possible..   NOAA - Storm Predicition Center
tornado watch:
a tornado watch is issued when weather conditions are favorable for the development of sever thunderstorms that are capable of producing a tornado..   NOAA - Storm Prediction Center
refers to materials that allow some light to pass through.   (Also see [link to cloud definition])
Translucent Cloud Opacity:
This describes medium-thickness clouds. You can see some sunlight transmitted through them, but not sky. In the photo at right, note that the position of the Sun is quite obvious, even though there is a cloud in front ot it. The amount of light coming through is not all that bright but is enough to note the Sun's position..   Translucent Cloud Opacity
refers to materials that allow almost all light to pass through.   (Also see [link to cloud definition])
Transparent Cloud Opacity:
This describes thin clouds through which light passes easily, and through which you can even see blue sky. Note the milky bluish-whitish appearance of the cirrus clouds at left, especially those near the top of the photo..   Transparent Cloud Opacity