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Message of The Month:

NASA scientists are very interested in learning how clouds affect our atmosphere. It is the clouds, in part, that affect the overall temperature and energy balance of the Earth. The more we know about clouds, the more we will know about our Earth as a system! And YOU can help!

Our Citizen Scientists are called Rovers, they are roaming Cloud Observers. Rovers will collect data on cloud type, height, cover and related conditions. Your observations help us to validate satellite data and give us a more complete picture of clouds in the atmosphere and their interactions with other parts of the integrated global Earth system. Observations are sent to NASA for comparison to similar information obtained from satellites. Reports from a wide range of locations are helpful to assess the satellite data under different conditions.

The buttons to the right will walk you through each participation step! We welcome participation from any interested observers, especially from places where official weather observations are few and far between.

ROVER Features
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Find Satellite Overpass
Observe Sky
Report Data
Compare with Satellite Data
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